Sunday 9 November 2008

Thanks for the memories

Well that was an anti-climatic end to Milt Stegall's career. Thanks for the memories, Turtle Man, even if they don't include a Grey Cup.


Kevin Glenn has to go. He's ok, but that's not good enough. Sure, maybe the Bombers would have won last year if Glenn hadn't broken his arm, but with our talent we could have won with just about any QB with experience. The fact is Glenn is not good enough. He has his good games, but he has too many bad ones. It's time to move on to the post-Glenn era, and find a starting QB who is more mobile and has a better arm. Could it be Randall? Maybe. Let's give him a try.

3 comments: said...

Not only Glenn, but the coach has to go as well.

cherenkov said...

I'm not ready to blame Doug Berry. Start with the QB. Look at getting a new offensive coordinator (the play calling was too predictable before Glenn started doing it himself), and then evaluate where we're at.

Anonymous said...

You'll all get your wishes, Coach is gone, new coach will clean house.

Lyle should retire. The buck stops at the top.

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