Sunday 30 November 2008

Stimulate Me - Updated (Jack and Gilles went up a hill)

The federal Conservatives are backing off some more:

Minister of Transport John Baird said the government would not eliminate the right to strike for federal civil servants, as pledged last week. ...

The government has said it will launch a stimulus package eventually, but Mr. Flaherty also insists that "temporary" stimulus does not work well, and the government will take a long-term approach. - g&m-
But now that the ball is rolling on this Liberal-NDP coalition thing, it might not be enough.
Michael Ignatieff said he heard nothing in Mr. Flaherty's announcement that would dispel coalition talks by the opposition.
Layton and Ignatieff can taste it. This is a once in a life-time opportunity for Layton to be part of a governing party, and a huge opportunity for Ignatieff as the most likely successor to the Liberal throne. Harper may have to let those two write the budget in order to avoid losing power.

The Conservatives really screwed this up. I can't help but think it could have been avoided if they hadn't been so arrogant as to try cut off the other party's funding in a confidence motion. They went in for the kill, they missed, and they exposed themselves to what could be a fatal shot from the opposition.

---- UPDATE ----

Oops. Silly me. I had supposed that Ignatieff, the former Liberal deputy leader and likely successor to the throne, might have been a part of the coalition negotiations, but apparently not:
The source in the Ignatieff camp said Mr. Dion is making all the running on coalition talks with the NDP and the Bloc Québécois, and is not consulting with leadership candidates, Mr. Ignatieff, Bob Rae or Dominic LeBlanc.
Not only that, but CTV reports that the NDP was in talks with the Bloc Quebecois before the fiscal update ever came out. This is starting to look like it has nothing to do with fiscal stimulus, and much more to do with desperate leaders trying to subvert democracy. If Dion goes to the Governor-General with Jack and Gilles asking to form a government, she should seriously consider just telling them to go suck it.


Anonymous said...

Throw them out. Pissant nickel dime move. said...

Harper is done . The NDP and Liberals are now running the show. I think the Liberals shouldn't be the only party looking for a new leader. Harper has had 3 chances for a majority , and has crapped the bed everytime. Even when the Liberals have their worst leader and worst result EVER , and when the left vote is split more than ever , he still can't get a majority. It's all downhill from here. Time to find a new leader conservatives.

Anonymous said...

Its official...the Hack went Wonky.

Kissing Harpers ass left his nose a little brown.

SO much for bloggers thick skins.

cherenkov said...

If you pressure people they tend to dig in. I'm staying out of the squabble though. Couldn't be bothered to read all of the comments.

Jim: I'm not ready to call him done yet. I think Rae, Iggy and LeBlanc are going to tell Dion to sit his ass down and forget about the coalition. Hopefully this will shake some sense into Harper, if he survives. said...

Rae and Iggy are on board the Dion train. The Liberals and NDP are united. Wonder if we could even see a permenent merging of the parties ?

Harper is finished.

cherenkov said...

Yes, it is looking almost inevitable that Harper finished.

Permanent merging of the Liberals and NDP? I can't see that happening, but who knows...

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