Friday 21 November 2008

Palin Pardon Massacre : UPDATED!

Thank God Sarah Palin won't get the opportunity to pardon people as President:

Palin pardons turkey as video shows worker slaughtering birds behind her

*** UPDATE *** (because this is such an important issue)

It turns out that this was no gaff at all, but that Palin chose the spot and knew what was going on behind her:

The turkey slaughter was already underway when the governor chose the spot. The photographer pointed out what was going on and asked her if she wanted to move. She said, “No worries.” (link)
Why move? Killing animals is fun and natural.

However, now that the Palin team has realized that not everybody view it the same way, they are denying everything:
Palin’s spokesperson tells ET the bird butchering wasn’t going on when the shot was set up, and a cameraman “ignored” the governor’s staff’s request to remove the graphic sight once cameras were rolling.
I see... the Governor and her staff were powerless to stop the interview. Those damn camera men, always throwing their weight around.

h/t: andrew sullivan


Anonymous said...

HOOOOHAAAAA....this is one dumb biatch.

Anonymous said...

Oh come on ! What's the big deal here ? Everyone of you reading this eats meat on an almost daily basis, and you can't handle a little turkey killing ? What you all seen was nothing. If you can't deal with the video, stop eating meat.

Anonymous said...

Its not the eating meat part of it. Its the optics, she's such a hick.

Anonymous said...

Aren't all Americans Hicks ?

cherenkov said...

If you guys don't start using names I might have to turn-off the 'anonymous' option. You look like you're arguing with yourself.

Anonymous said...

But then , who you gonna argue with ?

Anonymous said...

I tried three times and I can't type anything even semi polite

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