Wednesday 12 November 2008

"We know exactly who they are"

To all those who say that longer jail sentences won't solve anything, watch the video clip here:

I've written about this before, including here where I criticized Dan Lett's take on the issue. It's missing the point to say that longer jail sentences don't reform somebody. a) you can implement programs to try to reform people while they are in jail, and b) some of these fuck-ups are beyond reform.

The point is, they can't hurt anybody while they are in jail. Why is that of secondary importance? As soon as somebody hits "level IV" status, he or she should be locked up for 10 years or until they are 30 years old, whichever comes last. To do anything else would be irresponsible, bordering on willful negligence. The judges who do not assign maximum sentences, and the people standing in the way of reforming the youth criminal justice act and implementing tougher sentences should be held responsible for the damage that is done by these criminals, because it is completely foreseeable.

"Public safety is always at risk every minute he's out of jail"

That's the bottom line.

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